The Letting Process

The Letting Process for Student Applicants

STUDIO Property Lettings use the most up to date Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements for all registered properties. The terms of which may vary depending upon the property you select. As a general guide most follow the terms as listed below:

Rental Period:

Student tenancies are generally for a period of 49 weeks and run from mid-August to mid-July the following year. Longer contracts are available upon request. Rent is payable for the full term of the tenancy agreement.


Rents are variable depending upon the chosen property. Students can expect to pay between 75.00 (standard accomodation)- 130.00 (luxury bills included) per week. Detailed listings of each property can be foundon our website. Rent is payable in three termly instalments, August, December and January. Those opting to pay rent upfront in full may benefit from discounted rates.

Summer Retainer:

All students will be required to pay a 300 non refundable Summer Retainer in order to secure their chosen property (so that we stop advertising it to others). For this reason we advise that you are 100% sure that the property is right for you.


The deposit is 300.00 per student with a 30.00 deposit protection fee payable on the1st day your tenancy commences. The deposit will be refunded back to the student at the end of the tenancy, less any deductions. Deposits will be returned by cheque within 10 days providing the following have been completed:

- all keys have been returned to the Landlord or their Agent
- any deductions have been agreed between the Tenant and the Landlord
- copies of final payments of utilities have been provided to the Landlord or their Agent.